Sunday, December 11, 2011

Flowers in Action!

Here are some great pictures! These are the mini-bouquets that I made for one of our friend's wedding. The colors turned out really well with their color scheme. Thanks for the photos!

These were fun and easy to make!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cozies from the workshop

Thanksgiving Break! A quiet house while others are at work and the dogs are busy lounging in the sun. I went up to my workshop and went to work re-taping/repairing my dilapidated light box. After that, I took some time to put together some new coffee cozies.

If you are in the Richmond, VA area, you can check these out at House of Homemade located in Church Hill.

And, down they go!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Even dragons brush their teeth!!!

I have been away at a school nursing conference; YaY for school nurses! Time for another display board!, as seen below:

Then, work must be done so it can be filled. I have been putting together whatever pops into my head lately, and it has been a lot of fun. Animals, dangly things, visits to CaryTown and Diversity for inspiration and materials. . . . .

Re-purposed pin made into a necklace:

Re-purposed stamping from the wonderful Luxor Vintage Clothing (they do not have a web page, just location and contact info.) They have clothing, jewelry, odds and ends, oddities, etc., etc., pretty awesome store:

More beads from Bangles and Beads:
I think this may have been my favorite piece this time around. I made an old necklace into a headband:

So, the food pyramid is out the door. Now, you just need to look at your plate and know what to put on it! Half of your plate should be fruits and veggies, one quarter should be lean meat or protein, and one quarter should be whole grains. As always, use fats and sweets sparingly. I won this plate, along with many other awesome teaching tools, at the National Association of School Nurses annual conference. I could carry this awesome plate around with me everywhere:

This may have been the best thing I won though. This dragon has a set of dentures! It is for teaching the young'ns about dental hygiene!

And, for a close-up of the teeth:

Look at those white teeth, BLAM, the flash couldn't take it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Puppies and Kittens, Oh My. . . . .

Do you see them?

Pictured above is the display board that I made from foam, a picture frame, fabric, cardboard, and lots' a hot glue. It was actually really easy to make and with a frame from Diversity (my favorite thrift store) it only cost about $7 to make. So, what do you display on such a thing?

Well, I have been working on making jewelry lately (as evidenced by the following pieces) due to it's quick satisfaction and endless possibilities. I could make jewelry non-stop but I could not wear all of it.
I would also drown in debt and I don't think Dave would like that very much. I have also been making jewelry because it is a still activity. I have had some kinda sinus infection that has greatly impeded my ability to do anything that requires any type of movement. Thus, I turned to the chair in my workshop and stayed sitting there to stop the feeling that someone is beating on my head. (I hate being sick). Now, I just need a venue, Etsy and/or
physical space.

I have found a lot of awesome chain at Diversity, which costs much less and is often more unique than some of the new chain I have access to. Although, I must give mad props to Bangles and Beads, my favorite bead store. If you are ever in Richmond, VA and want some awesome beads, findings, tools, etc., etc., this is the place to go!!! You will find everything you need to create pretty much whatever you want.

I <3 these earrings. I almost kept them for myself.

Sometimes, all you need is a single bead!

Anyone who attended our wedding knows that I have an unhealthy relationship with teapots. I've got a ton in the house after using them as decorations for our wedding. Most of them are boxed up, but I have been pulling them out, giving them a purpose. I have seen some necklaces made in this similar style and decided try one out. You can make them to dress up (with pearls/mother of pearl buttons) or make them to wear casually, like this one. I like the bright chain, it will add some shine to your day!!!

I also thought about keeping this necklace. The colors are great!

After all this jewelry making, I filled up my display board!

What is this? This is true love! Dave stopped at the pharmacy after his long workday and bought me nasal spray and other remedies for my sinus infection! He even got me a rose! Who says chivalry is dead? What a sweetheart!

Relief that I was able to fill up my board and that I got temporary relief from my invisible head beatings!!!!! That pretty much sums up my night!

Even the puppies are happy. . . . . Scout and Speedy are in their own "Hedgehog Heaven".

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I have finished up an order for a friend of my husbands. She is getting married and wanted to give something to each of her 7 best friends. Dave had showed her pictures of our button bouquets that I made for our wedding and she really liked them. So, I made her 7 mini bouquets for her friends that are to be worn as corsages. Her colors include red, orange, and coral/pink. This is what I came up with as a finished product after collaborating with her. I love these tiny bouquets; they are a unique gift that can function as a decoration/memento for the rest of their lives.

The long red strings are there to tie the corsages to the wrist. I also included an extra piece of coordinating orange ribbon in case they need to be more secure.

I am happy to report that all of the buttons, the organza flowers, and the boxes are from Etsy shops. The organza flowers were actually made by a woman in Turkey. The color is awesome. I am ecstatic that these are completed!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dogz, Baby Stuffz, and Shelvz

Check out our new dog, Speedy! Scout and Lucky seem to like her just fine. She is more laid back than Scout, maybe Speedy can teach Scout some relaxation points. Ahhhhh, give it a try Scout. Speedy enjoys rolling in the grass, eating other dog's poop (we are working on this), and carrying around the stuffed hedgehog that squeaks.

Yay for babies! Not for me, but other people's babies! I have had a lot of fun making these easy sets that include a blanket, 4 burp cloths and a tag blanket. They look great together and are sooooo soft! This set is for a family member's new baby.

I love tag blankets! They are super-cute and super-easy to make! The possibilities are endless! The owl here looks like he has a sweater vest on and he is wearing a tie. Is he going to work or watching Mr. Rogers? Whooooo knows?
Also, here is the finished product. We filled them up quickly and they look great. Wow, how much stuff can a person have and at what point do you realize that YOU have SO MUCH stuff? I used to think it was whenever a person moved to a new place, but now that I am not going to move anytime soon, I realize that we do have A LOT of stuff. . . . . Need to put a cap on that.

Anyway, on to making falafel and white bean and roasted garlic soup. NOM, NOM.