Monday, July 4, 2011

Even dragons brush their teeth!!!

I have been away at a school nursing conference; YaY for school nurses! Time for another display board!, as seen below:

Then, work must be done so it can be filled. I have been putting together whatever pops into my head lately, and it has been a lot of fun. Animals, dangly things, visits to CaryTown and Diversity for inspiration and materials. . . . .

Re-purposed pin made into a necklace:

Re-purposed stamping from the wonderful Luxor Vintage Clothing (they do not have a web page, just location and contact info.) They have clothing, jewelry, odds and ends, oddities, etc., etc., pretty awesome store:

More beads from Bangles and Beads:
I think this may have been my favorite piece this time around. I made an old necklace into a headband:

So, the food pyramid is out the door. Now, you just need to look at your plate and know what to put on it! Half of your plate should be fruits and veggies, one quarter should be lean meat or protein, and one quarter should be whole grains. As always, use fats and sweets sparingly. I won this plate, along with many other awesome teaching tools, at the National Association of School Nurses annual conference. I could carry this awesome plate around with me everywhere:

This may have been the best thing I won though. This dragon has a set of dentures! It is for teaching the young'ns about dental hygiene!

And, for a close-up of the teeth:

Look at those white teeth, BLAM, the flash couldn't take it!