Saturday, February 4, 2012

Making Fabric Flowers

This is Speedy who is laying on top of Scout, she is under the blanket. Speedy, Scout, and I all surfed the web today for fabric flower tutorials! We found some pretty great tutorials and collections of tutorials. Check out these sites for inspiration and instructions!

and here:

There are a ton more out there so don't despair if you don't see something that you like.

Thanks to my school teacher friend who taught me how to make these fabric flowers! They are so easy and fast to make, incredibly satisfying! My dogs helped me make these today.

You can use these flower on hair pins, headbands, as pins, bouquets, on necklaces, etc., etc. . . . .

I had to go out and buy some stretchy headbands so I could put a flower on one.

I love this simple flower! It would look great in anyone's hair and can keep you smiling all day long knowing you have a flower in your hair! So cute.

Then we moved onto felt flowers.

No sewing required! Just cutting and gluing with the trusty hot glue gun. Tomorrow, the dogs and I shall attempt to incorporate one or more of these felt flowers into a headband. Scout and Speedy are very excited about this.

As I continue to create, I would like to begin posting tutorials on the things I make. I just need to get a little more organized and find the time balance! Anywho, Goodnight to You! It is late and as we all know, puppies need their beauty rest!