Monday, January 16, 2012

More Flowers. . . . .

Monday free from work! Lots of time to make button and pen bouquets while watching Miss Marple on Netflix!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adopt a Puppy!

While trolling the thrift store, Diversity, I came across an old craft book all about making kids toys. This is where I found the pattern for these incredibly cute dog hand puppets. I may now be making these puppets for the rest of time.

I think these beg for googly eyes, but was unable to find them at the craft store I went to. What craft store doesn't carry googly eyes? I guess this version with all pompoms for the eyes and nose is more kid friendly, hopefully eliminating the need for the Heimlich.

I repurposed one of my old hats that my dog, Speedy, so lovingly nearly destroyed during one of her early chewing rampages. Once I had made one, I decided that I needed more mainly because I cannot resist stuffed animals. This has been true all of my life.

You can tell all of your secrets to a stuffed animal and they won't tell anyone. They sit and listen to you, maintaining fantastic eye contact and will not interrupt.

If you are in Richmond, VA area and want to check these out, you can go to Clover in Cary Town. Clover is a kick-ass consignment shop for kids clothes, wears, toys, and assorted awesome findings.

Anywho, I highly recommend that everyone have at least one or maybe two or more. . . . .