Sunday, March 25, 2012

Free Day!

Sunday Funday!

Dave and the puppies are sleeping on the couch. I am camped out in my craft room determined to make something today. I ran across this tutorial while spending borrowed time on Pinterest.

This dress looks so simple and it really is! She even broke the steps down to be completed over 4 days, anyone can do this! Anywho, here is my interpretation. I did not add a lining due to limited materials. I found some seersuckerish material stashed away on my shelf that I had bought from the thrift store prolly' over a year ago. I think that I shall wear this dress while vacationing at the beach! Actually, maybe I will make five or six and then my luggage will weigh about 1/2 pound!

Good for parties or as a simple swimsuit cover.

The beagles were impressed and we were so happy that we decided to celebrate!

Versatile piece of clothing!

Dave agreed!

And then stood on his head!

Sunday Funday!

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