Friday, December 31, 2010

I also promised someone that I would post pictures of the latest blanket that I made. It consists of 9 fat quarters from the sale bin at my favorite quilting store. It is a disappearing 9 square blanket. Instead of batting, I put fleece in the middle. It is super soft and warm. I almost want to keep it for myself or give it to someone. That is pretty much the way I feel about all the blankets I have made. Lots of crazy prints here, but they all seemed to work together.
I threw in some ties using embroidery thread to make it more durable.
This blanket was fun and easy to make. It was my first "pieced" blanket. I think that I would like to get into quilting eventually. Not sure if I have quite enough patience for that or not. . . . .

I was very happy with this and plan on making more in the near future. It is approximately 62" x 43". I love the backing with the pink black-eyed susans, also from the sale bin. I am posting this one to my Etsy shop. Hopefully, it will find a happy home!

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