Friday, December 31, 2010

Working on the house

Back at home after Christmas! Time for something new to do. I decided to put up the shelves that I have wanted in the kitchen. After spending all day yesterday shopping and finding the right materials, I went ahead and got started. Three 1' x 12" x 10' pine boards, stain, semi-gloss polyurethane, a China bristle brush, 200 screws, and a bunch of brackets came home with me. Trying to find inexpensive, nice looking brackets was difficult. I went to four different stores and didn't find much. I also looked on-line but was either put off by pricey-ness or bracket weakness. . . . . These shelves need to hold a lot and they need to stay up on the wall. I finally decided to go with some pretty simple ones (will show later). The wood is coming along nicely.

This is the wall where they are going to be. Very plain. Can't wait to get these up and display some dishes and prolly' some artwork as well!!!
Shiny, shiny semi-gloss polyurethane works awesomely.
Drying boards. . . . .
The boards need one more coat of polyurethane and tomorrow I will begin the tedious task of measuring and marking where the brackets will attach to the walls. Oh what fun!!! That is all the excitement for now!

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